At Woodland Enterprises,

WE create web sites,

WE publish books,

and WE take photographs.

WE are Woodland Enterprises

WE create websites like lots of people and companies.

But WE do this with a difference. WE create the site, WE take the photographs and WE write the copy.

Simply, you just tell us what you want. WE listen, and then, WE propose a way forward.


WE is headed up by Guy Woodland. We have worked with, nPower, Nikon, Liverpool City Council, Land Agents Ltd, Beanhill Farm, CDS Housing, HP, Sotheby’s. Recently we worked with the Chinese Government on promoting the provinces, specifically Gansu and Guizhou.

Get in touch

Guy Woodland

Skype: guywoodland

m: +44 (0) 7496 593118
e: Woodland Enterprises


WE make real books on commercial printing presses. We love modern technologies like ISSUU and BLURB which allow individuals to make books. But WE still believe traditional books have a place in story telling.

In a modern digital world we believe that commercially printed books at affordable prices still have a place. A book is not just for christmas. So if you have a book project get in touch today.

Web Sites

Today making web sites has never been easier. So if you want to have a go you can go to Rapidweaver and start building your site today. Check out Joe Workman and The Big White Duck who make brilliant stacks and in the words of Joe - Go forth and make great sites.

Or you can commission Smiling Wolf one of the best design companies in the country or you can go to Wordpress.

So many choices.

It really depends on what level of service you want and need, either way WE are here to help. So if you want a site up and running without the hassle of giving it a go yourself get in touch.